Welcome to El Interprete

elinterpret-logoWelcome to the home of the region’s first full-fledged language solutions firm, El-Interprete Services.

Here you’ll find language solutions provided in the most affordable, professional, reliable and excellent manner, ensuring, in line with our mission, that we ‘keep the message’ you’re trying to get across to audiences in East Africa, be it in French, English, Swahili, Kinyarwanda or Kiburundi.

We look forward to offering you the best language service in this region, both for you personally and for your organization.

Karibu! Welcome!

One thought on “Welcome to El Interprete”

  1. I would like to commend El-Interprete Services for providing extraordinary services, going an extra mile and serving with a smile. I was asked to move to a French speaking country by my employer. With only a few French words in my vocabulary, I really needed to learn some basic words and concepts. Gilles stepped in and fitted into my hectic relocation schedule and did his best to prepare me for my new duty station. We had limited time but he laid a very good foundation and gave me the impetus to learn more. The teaching style made the lessons enjoyable and easy. I highly recommend their services.

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