About Us

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El Interprete is Kenya’s first full-fledged language company, offering a wide range of quality professional services from language coaching to interpretation and translation, both for personal use and professional requirement.

Specializing in French, English, Spanish, Swahili, Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) and Kirundi (Burundi), El Interprete ensures that your message is not lost in the maze of language barrier in East Africa – whether it’s spoken or written. Our team of language experts gives personal detailed attention to each project or activity, ensuring that you get only the best service.What more, on top of the great rates that we offer for our services, we have specialized additions that complement interpretation and translation that cost you nothing extra.

If you are looking for interpretation, translation, editing & proof-reading or language coaching, El Interprete is the answer for you and your organization

"Keeping the Message"

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