With over 7 years of experience in professional interpretation, El Interprete is your natural partner when it comes to interpretation services.  We offer interpretation for various settings, and have different packages to suit your needs. There are two forms of interpretation that El Interprete interpreters can offer:

Simultaneous Interpretation is performed at the time of (simultaneous to) the presentation. Usually rendered in a large conference setting, this type of interpreting service typically requires the use of special interpreting equipment. Wireless receivers with headsets enable the audience to hear the language translation of their choice with reduced background noise

Consecutive Interpreting is usually performed in smaller settings than conferences, and allows the speaker to present a few sentences before pausing so the interpreter may render the interpretation into the other language.

El Interprete offers interpretation services for:

–          Meetings

–          Conferences

–          Personal Interpretation Services

Meetings & ConferencesEl Interprete offers both half and full-day packages for meetings and conferences. Our interpreters are required by our strict standard to conduct themselves most professionally, and to render accurate interpretation of proceedings. The interpreters are allocated depending on their expertise, and will be thoroughly informed about the subject matter of the meeting/conference to ensure optimum interpretation services.

For simultaneous interpretation at conferences, El Interprete offers wireless receivers with headsets ton enable the audience to hear the language translation of their choice.

Personal Interpretation Services El Interprete provides a specialized service for conference delegates that involves having an interpreter with the delegate throughout the duration of the conference for personal interpretation. This will include settings outside the conference itself.

Because of the personal nature of this service, El Interprete ensures high levels of integrity among its interpreters, and also bundles the personal service with transport. As such, the interpreter could simultaneously serve as valet and chauffeur for the delegate.

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